You can search the city high and low, and still won’t find a better selection of high quality air conditioning systems. One of our strongest beliefs here at A4K Heating & Air, is that no two homes are the same. This is just one of many reasons why we are pleased to offer Nebraska’s most extensive selection of central A/C units, eco-friendly and energy-efficient air conditioners, economy and value cooling systems.

A properly sized and installed air conditioning system from A4K Heating and Air is one of the best ways to ensure a comfortable environment in your home or business. Our experienced professionals can help you determine your best option in choosing a commercial or residential air conditioning system. When you keep your customers and employees happy by keeping the temperature comfortable, your business will be more successful than ever.


When your home needs to keep cool and comfortable for less, A4K Heating & Air is committed to finding the perfect solution for your unique needs.

  • 100+ Years of combined experience in sales and installation
  • The Nebraskaland leader in energy-efficient air conditioning systems
  • Professional installation from skilled, factory-trained installers
  • All units backed by warranty and our 100% guarantee
  • Ongoing money-saving rebates on central air units
  • A4K offers same-day installation whenever possible

Having worked on virtually every possible type of residential cooling system, coupled with the unceasing professionalism and dedication of our staff, A4K Heating & Air is the best choice for new A/C sales and central air installs in Lincoln and surrounding areas.


Don’t wait until you’re suffering in the sweltering temperatures of a Nebraska summer. Call A4K Heating & Air at 402-588-2476 today for a free estimate, answers to your questions, or to learn more about buying a new air conditioner. Our Comfort Consultants are standing by and ready to assist!


In addition to air conditioning system installations, you can also have us perform regular maintenance and repairs on your existing system, with FREE estimates before we conduct any work.

Having an air conditioning repair company you can trust is great when issues arise with your current unit. Whether your unit begins to show performance issues or stops working completely, having a company that is quick to respond, offers quality work and products and is experienced in all forms of AC repair is the best way to get your home feeling cool and comfortable once again. At A4K Heating & Air, our mission is to help the people of Nebraska fight the heat with prices they can afford. Our team of trained professionals are available whenever you find yourself in need. By giving us a call, we can get the ball rolling quickly. We will get a repair person to your home as soon as possible in hopes of rectifying your issue and getting your unit up and running quickly and efficiently.


At A4K Heating & Air, we are proud to be one of Nebraska’s premier AC service companies. With more than 100 years of combined experience and reliable business performance, we’ve been keeping the residents of Lincoln and surrounding areas cool and comfortable. Our technicians are trained to not only get your AC up and running quickly when issues arise but to do it with a friendly attitude and a smile. As a trusted air conditioner contractor, we want people to rely on us in times of trouble. This is why we go above and beyond to help them with any issues that may arise.

  • More than 100 years of Nebraska-based AC services and repairs
  • One of the most extensive central air unit selections in the area
  • Top-of-the-line services
  • Emergency service available for AC issues
  • Eco-friendly products and solutions available
  • Special financing options available for central air installations and sales
  • Cooling systems tailored to fit your budget
  • Over 65? Enjoy our 10% Senior Citizen’s discount on repairs


If you’ve ever spent a summer in Nebraska, you know how important it is to have a durable and properly-functioning air conditioner. After all, when June rolls around, us Nebraskans are certainly not shy when it comes to using them. One of the best ways to keep your home cool in the summer, is to ensure that your system is working at its most optimal level.


  • We help extend the life of your central air conditioner
  • Improves performance, noise levels & climate consistency
  • Plays a significant role in lowering your monthly utility bills
  • Prevent more costly future repairs by detecting problems early
  • Offers the peace-of-mind that your system is safe and efficient


Over the past six decades, we have seen more than a few air conditioning companies come and go. Some last, some fail and some thrive. At A4K Heating & Air, our over 100 years of comprehensive experience and truly-talented service technicians make us the best choice for repairing AC in Nebraska.

  • Among the most experienced A/C repairmen in Nebraskaland
  • State-of-the-art inspection, detection and repair technology
  • Our rates are consistant with our competitors
  • All HVAC techs are drug-tested and criminal background-checked
  • A4K Heating & Air is licensed, bonded and thoroughly-insured
  • We can tailor a custom maintenance package for your home
  • Guaranteed on-time service, from respectful technicians
  • 10% Senior citizen discounts on all A/C services

A4K Heating & Air offers affordable AC maintenance packages, to help extend the life of your central air, while helping to improve performance and reduce your utility expenses. Whether you’re a homeowner concerned with your family’s comfort, or just looking to keep things running smoothly, we can tailor a solution that’s perfect for your specific needs and budget.

Are you curious how regular A/C maintenance can benefit you? Call and speak to one of our Comfort Consultants today at 402-588-2476.

A4K Ductless Mini Split Heating & Cooling

A ductless mini split heating and cooling unit may be the answer to getting heating and or cooling to hard to reach spaces or additions as well as being a great answer to your new home as a whole house heating and cooling solution. Ductless mini split systems are extremely efficient and allow you to choose the temperature you want in each individual room. With many different types and styles of indoor units A4K Plumbing heating and air can help you design the perfect system for your home, addition, barn, she shed or mancave!!