Ground source heating and air  or “Geothermal” (which is actually incorrect, Geothermal is a different process) uses the natural constant temperature of the earth at deep depths to transfer heat. At that depth depending on area and terrain the temperature is a consistent 50 to 60 degrees. A ground source heat pump can absorb or reject heat into that temperature of ground very efficiently.  

 The industry uses the acronym COP or coefficient of performance to measure this and a ground source heat pump will rate between 3 to 6, depending on unit selected, all year round where as an air to air heat pump will get 1.75 to 2 on a moderate day and change as the outdoor temperature changes. This COP can be better described as a dollar amount, for every dollar you spend on electricity to heat or cool your house A ground source heat pump will deliver 3 to 6 units of heating or cooling. An air to air heat pump will deliver 1.75 to 2 units of heat or cool per dollar but will not do so consistently. And a straight electric furnace using resistance heat will simply deliver 1 unit of heat per dollar spent. That means If an electric furnace is 100% efficient then a ground source heat pump is 300% to 600% efficient all year long regardless of outdoor temperature! 

A typical “ground loop” 

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The Federal Government also has a tax incentive that will pay for 30% of the complete installed cost of your new or replaced ground source heat pump. 

Oh yea, your new ground source heat pump can also give you heated water for free! Just by adding a “desuperheater” pump to the unit.  

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