A4K Furnace Installation Services Nebraska

Is Your Furnace Not Working Properly?

Nebraska winters can be quite cold, which is why you need an operational furnace at all times. Unfortunately, most people wait until it’s too late to make sure their furnace is working properly. If you attempt to turn on your heating system and don’t get the results you’re looking for, Heatmasters is ready to help. We offer reliable furnace repair services, as well as furnace installation, in Nebraska to help you get your furnace back in peak operating condition before the temperatures drop too far.

We Repair a Number of Problems

Regardless of what problem has occurred, our experienced technicians will look at your system and determine which type of furnace repair in Nebraska will keep your home warm against the cold winter weather outside. We often have everything we need to complete the repair on the spot. However, if we need to order a part, we will make sure we get the repair done as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of an operational heating unit to Nebraska residents and strive to make it happen.

Can’t Be Fixed?

Unfortunately, not all the problems a furnace experiences can be fixed. In these situations, you need our A4K furnace installation services to assist you in picking out the right furnace to properly heat your home. Many people mistakenly choose a furnace that is too large. We are here to help you heat your home so you aren’t left out in the cold.

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At A4K Heating & Air, we know the stresses of dealing with furnace repairs in Nebraska. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. Being one of Lincoln’s most turned to HVAC companies, it’s our pleasure to aid our customers by offering both furnace and heater repairs, as well as furnace installation services, the people of Lincoln can count on.

A4K Heating & Air: #1 HVAC Company in Nebraska

When you find yourself in need of furnace repair services for your home, our residential furnace services aren’t just affordable, but will also help you control the costs of your utility bills. It’s our promise to do whatever we can to provide speedy service to allow you and your family to be comfortable in your home once again.

  • Fast response times to most areas in Lincoln and Seward area.
  • Highly trained professional repairs
  • Over 100 years of combined experience
  • Assistance in lowering utility costs
  • State-of-the-art inspection equipment
  • Contractor re-evaluations offered

When it comes to facing the harsh winter months in Nebraska, a furnace becomes our best friend. As the best defense against the cold, this is quite understandable. This is also why when your furnace gives you trouble or you see your utility bills rising suddenly, the time has come to reach out to professional repair services to get your furnace back in proper working order.


Don’t waste time guessing or dealing with inexperienced HVAC companies for Nebraska furnace service. At A4K, we’re proud to have over 100 years of combined experience, satisfaction and compassion for our customers.

We offer both success and customer service to those who find themselves suffering from the effects of HVAC issues. We cut out the guesswork by offering great service the first time.

Call A4K Heating & Air to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our courteous staff members about your situation.

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With Over 100 Years of Combined Superior Lincoln, Nebraska Furnace Maintenance. In Nebraska, furnace maintenance is arguably one of the most cost-effective ways to save money when the weather gets chilly. Not only can it help extend the life of your furnace or heating system, it can moreover improve the function of critical components, including heat exchangers, ventilation fans, heat compressors, and others; all while identifying potential problems before the parts that support them fail.

We may be one of the most established HVAC companies in the great city of Lincoln, Nebraska, but we still respect the fact that we’re not the only ones. At A4K Heating & Air, we’ve built our reputation the old fashioned way: through dedication, compassion, hard work, and honesty.

  • Unparalleled service with a “Customer First” approach
  • Consistently fast response times, 24/7 service
  • Affordable furnace maintenance options for all
  • We utilize the most cutting-edge furnace inspection technology
  • Full staff of skilled, friendly, factory-trained heating technicians
  • Experience with most furnace brands & manufacturers
  • Furnace tune-ups and cleaning


Furnace tune-ups and HVAC maintenance is essential, especially if you’re concerned with improving the energy-efficiency of your home. If you’ve been meaning to call for a heating inspection or Lincoln, Nebraska furnace maintenance services, A4K has the experience, expertise and professionalism you deserve.

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A4K Ductless Mini Split Heating & Cooling

A ductless mini split heating and cooling unit may be the answer to getting heating and or cooling to hard to reach spaces or additions as well as being a great answer to your new home as a whole house heating and cooling solution. Ductless mini split systems are extremely efficient and allow you to choose the temperature you want in each individual room. With many different types and styles of indoor units A4K Plumbing heating and air can help you design the perfect system for your home, addition, barn, she shed or mancave!!