We are proud to provide Home Inspection Services.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your home, we offer a comprehensive inspection so you have peace of mind and a professional evaluation.

With licensed HVAC & Plumbers on staff, we can offer a few “extras” during these inspections.

* Inspection of UG Sprinklers to ensure they are in good working order during warm seasons.

*Insulation inspection

*Fireplace/Chimney check

*First time homeowner education walk thru (inform buyers of basics-     where gas shut off, main water line shut off, troubleshooting, how to change furnace filter, importance of a good grade around the foundation, importance of clean gutters and extensions, etc.)

*Inspection to include full HVAC inspection by a licensed technician

*Radon testing with mitigation options

*Giving a discount to buyers when they book multiple inspections

(whole house and radon)

*Referral reward for any buyer who refers us after we complete an inspection